1756 The County Louth Commission of Array


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1756 Commission of Array for County Louth


The following names are taken from document reference number SP66/B/14 in the Public Records Office, Kew, England.


The Commission of Array was held nationwide in September of 1756. As this was the era of the Penal Laws, Roman Catholics were not permitted to bear arms. Consequently, the names in the following list can be assumed to be members of the Protestant faith. The Commission was held to ascertain the number of eligible men available to protect the country and to train these men in the use of firearms etc.


For a detailed account of the Commissions of Array in County Louth see:


Noel Ross & Brendan Hall, 'The Array of the Militia in County Louth in 1745' in JCLAHS Vol. XXIV No 3, 1999

Noel Ross & Brendan Hall, 'The Array of the Militia in County Louth in 1756' in JCLAHS Vol. XXIV No 4, 2000


See also:

Sir Henry McNally, The Irish Militia 1793-1816, Dublin 1949



Baronies of Ardee & Louth Barony of Lower Dundalk Barony of Upper Dundalk Barony of Ferrard

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Baronies of Ardee & Louth Commission of Array


County of Louth at a Commission of Array held at Atherdee and for the Barrony of Atherdee and Louth and for the County of Louth aforesaid the 14th day of September 1756 by Virtue of his Majestys Commission of Array the Several undernamed Protestants of said Barronys took the Oaths apointed by the Instructions to the said Commission annexed.


Adams Bryane

Addy Henry

Addy John

Allen Thomas

Aston Charles

Arkinson William

Austin George

Austin James

Bagnall Anthony

Bailie James

Barron John

Barron John the younger

Beck William

Blackwell Daniel

Blackwell Francis

Blackwell Henry the Elder

Blackwell Henry the younger

Blackwell John

Blackwell Monro

Blackwell Richardson

Bolton Charles

Bolton Richard

Brewton William

Carter William

Chaunters George

Cheshire Henry

Cheshire Thomas

Collier Ralph

Corran Edward

Corran James

Coulter Arthur

Craige John

Craige Robert

Crinnion Edward

Crinnion John

Crinnion Richard

Cunningham John

Dillon Robert

Dunn Richard

Dunn Valentine

Eager John

Eager John the younger

Eaton Alexander

Eccleston Henry

Elphison James

Filgate Alexander

Filgate John

Filgate Stephen

Filgate Thomas

Filgate William

Ford Peter

Foster Andrew

French James

French Joseph

Gilliard William

Gray Edward

Gray James

Gray Joseph

Gray Peter

Green John

Gunnell Edward

Gunnell Joseph

Gunnell William

Hale Bassell

Hamilton William

Hansard Richard

Hassell Robert

Hassell William

Hatch Edward

Hatch Jeremiah

Hatch John

Hatch Jonathon

Hatch Thomas

Haws Alexander

Haws John

Haws Thomas

Haws Thomas

Hinson William

Howell George

Howell John

Howlett Peter

Hoy Andrew

Hurst Henry

Hutcheson James

Kearey Patrick

Kelly Thomas

King John

Lavendar John

Lee Alexander

Lee Thomas

Lee William

Maffitt Samuel

Mahan John

Manning George

Manning Henry

Manning Nathaniel

Manning Thomas

Marinoe Charles

Markey Thomas

Marks William

Maxwell John

McCarney Thomas

McCleane Mathew

McCue Robert

McCue William

McMahon Patrick

McNabb Elijah

McNiece James

Miller Andrew

Miller Richard

Moore Henry Esqr.

Mouler Oliver

Munketrick Andrew

Munketrick James

Munketrick Robert the Elder

Munketrick Robert the younger

Murphy Edward

Murphy Richard

Naughton Patrick

Newet John

Occulltree Michael

Page Stephen


Parks Peter

Parks Thomas

Pepper Adam

Pepper Andrew

Pepper Andrew the younger

Pepper John

Pepper Rowland

Pepper William the Elder

Pepper William the Younger

Plunkett Mathew Esqr.

Plunkett Oliver Esqr.

Porter Philip

Porter William

Potter David

Potter Oliver

Richardson George

Richardson Robert

Robinson Chichester

Robinson Leonius

Rogers Alexander

Rogers Edward

Rogers Henry

Rogers Mathew

Rogers Thomas

Rogers William

Rogers William

Rogers William

Ruxton Gibbons

Ruxton William

Scofield Samuel

Sheil Brabazon

Shekelton Alexander

Shekelton Joseph

Shekelton Joseph the younger

Shorten James

Sivill John

Smart Alexander

Smart John

Smart Pepper

Smith Hamilton Esqr.

Smith Harry Esqr.

Smith Townley The Reverend

Speediman David

Speer John

Speer Robert

Speer Thomas

Steevens James

Swinburn Thomas

Taaffe Richard

Tisdall James Esqr.

Turner James

Turner Robert

Walsh Edward

Walsh Francis

Walsh John

Wattson John

Williams John

Williams Zacariah The Reverend

Willoughby William

Willson John

Woods Francis

Wynn George

Wynn William

Wynne Thomas

Young Edward

Young Henry

Young Robert


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Barony (half) of Lower Dundalk Commission of Array


County of Louth at a Commission of Array held at Carlingford in the lower half Barrony of Dundalk in and for the County of Louth aforesaid the 18th day of September 1756 by Virtue of his Majestys Commission of Array the Several undernamed Protestants of said Barrony took the Oaths apointed by the Instructions to the said Commission Annexed.


Anderson John

Anderson William

Armstrong Christopher

Bellconey Robert

Blaine John

Blair John

Blake John

Bleak James

Boide Laurence

Bowman Alexander

Boyde Arthur

Boyde Thomas

Bradshaw John

Bradshaw Robert

Brice James

Brice William

Brown Benjamin

Brown Christopher

Brown Laurence

Brown Richard

Brown Ross

Brown Thomas

Brown William

Carr Dennis

Carr John

Carroll Henry

Cartey Charles

Cartey Ross

Clark John

Clarke John

Cluxton Henry

Collier Richard

Collin John

Conn James

Conn John

Crafford Hugh

Craig John

Craig John

Craig John the younger

Craige James

Craige Robert

Craighton John

Creighton John

Crone Patrick

Cunningham John

Curfey George

Davey James

Davis Robert

Dickey Robert

Draper Christopher

Emerson Thomas

Farley George

Farley Ross

Fitzpatrick Daniel

Fitzpatrick Dennis

Flinn John

Freazier Frederick

Gallimer Ross

Gallmer Richard

Galway Richard

Gordon James

Govey John

Graham Thomas

Gray John

Grills Alexander

Gyles Ross

Hamilton James

Hamilton John

Hanlon Charles

Hanlon Richard

Hanlon Robert

Hanlon William

Hays John

Hill David

Horner Thomas the Elder

Horner Thomas the younger

Houghey William

Hullon John

Johnston John

Kane John

Kane William

Kearey Daniel

Kearey John

Kearey Neal

Kelly William

Lambert Philip

Leane John

Leech Daniel

Leech John

Leech Neal

Lewis Joseph

Lewis Richard

Long James

Loudon Thomas

Lowe Charles

Lowrey Francis

Mackril John

Macril Barnaby

Maffitt Patrick

Marke William

Marks James

Marks John

Marshall Anthony

Marshall John

Marshall William

McAlister Alexander

McAlister Alexander

McAlister Alexander

McAlister Alexander

McAlister Archibald

McAlister Archibald

McAlister Charles

McAlister Charles

McAlister Cull

McAlister Daniel

McAlister Daniel

McAlister Daniel

McAlister Dennis

McAlister Duncan

McAlister Eneas

McAlister Eneas

McAlister Hector

McAlister Hector

McAlister John

McAlister John

McAlister Robert

McAlister Samuel

McCahin Daniel

McClenaghan John

McClenaghan Pierce

McColine John

McColme Hugh

McColme Malcolm

McCormack William

McDonnell Alexander

McDonnell Christopher

McDonnell John

McDougall Daniel

McEntosh Joseph

McFaddin Daniel

McFaddin John

McFarlan Dougal

McFarlan James

McFarlin James

McFarlin John

McGregor Archibald

McHolme Dennis

McKnight Francis

McNeal Malcolm

McNeale Archibald

McNeale Hector

McNeale John

McNeale John

McNeale Malcolm Esqr.

McNeale Neil

McNeale Neil

Mitchele John

Mitchell Willm.

Montgomery Archibald

Moore Christopher

Moore Ross Esqr.

Moore William

Morgon James

Morton Samuel

Neile Henry

Noughton William

Orr Thomas

Parks James

Parks John

Parr Samuel

Patterson John

Patterson William

Pierce Edward

Pullin John

Quinn Edward

Raverty Daniel

Richardson James

Robinson William

Rogers Adam

Ross John

Salmon Herbert

Salmon Joseph

Simpson Patrick The Reverend

Smith Thomas

Tate Adam

Tidyman Samuel

Tipping Robert

Tombs Laurence

Tombs Richard

Tombs Richard

Tombs Richard the younger

Twigg Hugh

Twigg Paul the Reverend

Twigg Rodger

Twigg Thos.

Walker George

Walker Tombs

Walsh Marks

Warren John

Warren Robert

Wattson John

Weekstead Samuel

Weere Thomas

White Benjamin

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Barony (half) of Upper Dundalk Commission of Array


County of Louth at a Commission of Array held at Dundalk for the upper half Barrony of Dundalk aforesaid in and for the County of Louth aforesaid the 9th day of Sept. 1756 By Virtue of his Majestys Commission of Array the Several Undernamed Protestants of Said Barrony took the Oaths Apointed by the Instructions to the sd. Commission Annexed.

Anderson John

Atchison David

Atchison George

Bailie David

Bailie David

Bailie Hugh

Bailie John

Beaty John

Bell John

Benson Charles

Benson Richard

Blair John

Bolton John

Bowes Mr. Thomas The Revd.

Brabazon Ludlow The Reverend Esqr.

Bradey Thomas

Bradshaw Thomas

Brady John

Brown Mathew

Brown William

Cappoge Mathew

Cartey John

Christian Robert

Christy Robert

Clark James

Clark John

Clark Martin

Clark Maurice

Cockburne John

Collier John

Cook Nathaniel

Cooke Robert

Coughran Robert

Coulter Alexander

Coulter Andrew

Coulter David

Coulter John

Coulter Joseph

Coulter Samuel

Coulter Thomas

Coulter Thomas

Coulter Thomas

Coulter William

Craig John

Davison Andrew

Davison Patrick

Dawson John

Dennis James

Dickey Robert

Dicks George

Dillon Charles

Donaldson Aldrew

Doran Edward

Doran James

Doran Michael

Dowd William

Draper Robert

Drummond James

Eastwood Francis

Eaton Mathew

Ellgee Charles

Exon Nicholas

Farloe James

Fearley Thomas

Ferron John

Fortescue Faithfull Esqr.

Fortescue John The Reverend

Foster Anthony

Foster John

Foster Robert

Frankland William

Freeburn Thomas the Elder

Freeburn Thomas the younger

Gahill Owen

Gallaspey James

Gallimer James

Goodloe Stephen

Goodlow Jacob

Gordon John

Green Edward

Green John

Green William

Greer Blayney

Gyles John

Hale Brice

Hamilton Francis The Reverend

Hamond Robert

Hatch Ephraim

Hawle Richard

Heeth David

Heron John

Herron Hance

Higgesson William

Hill John

Hill Thomas

Hill William

Hudson Nataniel

Hughes Thomas

Hussey Thomas

Jebutts Richard

Jeffers William

JohnCourt Stephen

Johnson Andrew

Johnston David

Johnston William

Kearns William

Keig Barnaby

Keig Thomas

Keig William the Elder

Keig William the Younger

Keige Robert

Kennedy William

Kindell John

King Francis

Kingsman Henry

Kingsman John

Lambert James

Lester Charles

Levelett Peter

Lisk William

Lyons John

Madore John

Maffitt Thomas

Malone Thomas

Marks Richard

Marshall John

McAlister Archibald

McAlister Charles

McAlister Dennis

McAlister Hector

McBride Henry

McClelan David

McCormack Henry

McCormack John

McCormack Joseph

McCulloh Hugh

McDaniel Robert

McDole Robert

McDonnell Michael

McEnerney Dennis

McEntosh Daniel

McEntosh Daniel

McEntosh Henry

McEntosh William

McGee Robert

McKeone Dennis

McNeale James

Meneary James

Menelly James

Mercer William Esqr.

Mercin William

Miller James

Monypenny James

Monypenny Squire

Moore William

Morris Jeremiah

Murphy George

Murray James

Murray John

Murray William

Nicholes Abraham

Norman Luke

Page John the younger

Page Samuel

Park William

Patterson Jeremiah

Patterson Lancellott

Patterson Mordant

Patterson William

Pendree Richard

Pepper Alexander

Pettypeer Henry David The Revd.

Phillis Allen

Phillis Richard

Ransom Samuel

Ranson Thomas

Rebee John

Reynard Francis

Reynolds Hugh

Reynolds James

Reynolds John

Richardson Robert

Robert John

Robinson Walter

Russell George

Russell Samuel

Russell Thomas

Sawhill John

Serjant Benjamin

Shewell Chichester

Shewell Edward

Shewell Theobald

Shirley John Esqr.

Skelton Richard

Slater John

Slater Montgomery

Slater Trilus

Smith John

Smith Thomas

Stewart Richard The Reverend Esqr.

Stinson Arthur

Stinson John

Streighton George

Taaffe John Esqr.

Tennisson Richard Esqr.

Tipping John

Tisdall John

Tisdall Thomas

Trueman Dudley

Walsh Bartholomew

Walsh Francis

Walsh George

Walsh George

Walsh John

Walsh John

Walsh William

Warren William

Wattkins Thomas

Williams Trevor

Wood Michael

Wood William

Wood William

Woolsey Thomas The Reverend

Wrightson Aldbourough

Wynne Thomas

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Barony of Ferrard Commission of Array


County of Louth at a Commission of Array held at Dunleer in the Barrony of Ferrard in and for the County of Louth aforesaid the 16th day of September 1756 By Virtue of his Majestys Commission of Array the Several undernamed Protestants of said Barrony took the Oaths Apointed by the Instructions to the said Commission Annexed.


Adams Alexander

Batt Narcissus The Revd.

Bigerton Daniel

Biggs John

Biggs John Sir

Bingham Samuel

Bolton Boyle

Boyle James

Boyle John

Brabazon Anthony

Brabazon James

Brown Henry

Brown John

Brown Robert

Brunkard William

Butteel Samuel

Butterfield William

Carlile John

Carter Barnett

Caverley James

Clark James

Clark John

Cosbrough Robert

Cunningham Alexander

Cunningham Daniel

Cunningham John

Currly Andrew

Donagh John

Donagh Philip

Donnelly Hugh

Douglass William

Douglass William the Younger

Doyle William

Eccleston Brabazon Esqr.

Eccleston John

Eccleston William

Edmonds Daniel

Ewart Andrew

Ferrill Peter

Finegan William

Foskell William

Foster Thomas The Reverend D.D.

Fyans John

Gallaway John

Gaynor Richard

Govers John

Govers Thomas

Hale Richard

Hamlin Thomas

Hand Robert

Hanlon Patrick

Harvey Joseph

Heather Bolton

Hill Patrick

Hill Robert

Hillton John

Hoey James

Hoey Michael

Hood James

Howard Luke

Howell Richard

Hughes Henry

Jordan Peter

Kane Thomas

Ladley John

Leech Ephraim

Leech William

Little John

Lourey William

Manoe William

Marron James

Martin Thomas

McClure John

McGivney Daniel

McGloughlin John

McIlnoe William

McNeale Hill

Mellifont Robert

Morgon James

Morris George Sir Bart.

Munketrick Thomas

O'Hara Patterson

Ogle George

Owens John

Owens Michael

Owens William

Owens William

Palmer Thomas

Parks William

Quinn Thomas

Rankin George

Riddock George

Robinson William

Rotchford Thomas

Sallery Charles

Shekelton John

Shekelton Jonas

Sidebotham James

Snow Mathew

Stafford Hugh

Steuart David

Sweeny Miles

Taylor David

Taylor John

Tongue Thomas

Townley Faithfull

Townley Francis

Townley Henry

Townley Samuel

Tracey William

Venible Thomas

Westicoat George

White John

Whyte Charles

Whyte George

Willson William

Wynne Dudley


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Baronies of Ardee & Louth Barony of Lower Dundalk Barony of Upper Dundalk Barony of Ferrard




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